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Digital Soup Media

Started in 2014 by Riyaj and Cerosh with a small team of freelancers offering Software Development and Digital Marketing services to our clients. Now we have a group of 10+ freelancers working together towards the better future of the world and ourselves with the skills we have. We are now focusing on Digital Marketing as we found that it can make more impact helping our clients to make their online business a success. We are now based in Kochi also known as Queen of Arabian sea situated at the centre of God’s Own Country, Kerala.

We understand how important it is to have an online presence for your company and to have more business from the online media. We have experience as to say what will work and what will not when it comes to online business. We offer our services as a package or you can call it as a soup of right ingredients to make your online business a success. You can either make use of our Lead generation service or Digital marketing service as package. Please check our Services to know about our services and what suits best for you.

Digital Soup Media Clients

Our team consist of UX/UI experts, Content writers, Digital Marketing experts and Developers contributing their talents to make our clients business grow. We use latest technologies to simplify the process and automate the tasks involved and always keep up to date when it comes to technology.

Tools we use


We have developed a tool to help you track SERP so you can get daily rank tracking data for the keywords your website is ranking for. Although we developed it for our own use as to get the SERP data on the day itself, even before Google Web Master tool shows it in the search analytics section. This Software is now available for everyone to use on a monthly subscription.

SmartSERP - Rank tracking tool

SmartSERP help us to see the daily rank changes for all the tracked keywords which is really helpful to SEO to undo any changes that might have caused the drop in the rankings and save days of waiting to see in Search console of Google Webmaster Tool to take actions. You can also export the ranking data to be presented to clients.

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