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Digital marketing today is not just pure marketing, but a mix of worthy content, good User Experience and of course Marketing. So does our service comes as a combination of:

  1. Marketing - Creating great content, promoting website to get links from related websites and blogs. Thus driving inbound traffic to the website. We also make sure the website is free of technical issues and all pages are organized very well.
  2. User Experience - Visitors will continue on the website only if they get a good experience browsing the website. We create landing pages that are organized and beautiful.
  3. Growth - The ultimate aim of Marketing is to get a high Return On Investment (ROI) by meeting the marketing goals. Our CRO team will make this happen with the deep research based on the user analytics and inputs obtained.

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SEO - SEM - Lead Generation - Digital Marketing


Our marketing techniques are mainly based on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO brings in bound traffic from organic search results and SEM gets the inbound paid traffic from the search engine results page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO happens with the following steps mentioned below. It starts with a complete audit and strategy. Check each steps as given below.


An audit gives complete insight to the competition in the niche in terms of SEO and SEM. We will be doing keyword analysis for the niche followed by competition analysis, on-site audit, content audit, off site (backlink) analysis. This forms be the base for building a great SEO strategy.


This is the crucial step because all the planning will be done in this step which will decide the success of an SEO/SEM project. After thoroughly analysing the Audit report, we will formulate Content strategy, Link building strategy. We will decide the main Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in this step which will be used for tracking progress and reporting.

On page

This step will fix any issues found in the current website pages and structure. We will be fixing any issues related to Internal linking, URL structure, Title tags, Meta tags, HTML tags and so on.


We take care of all the technical aspects of the website for which the SEO is being done. Technical stuffs include website loading speed, total number of requests, size of the page and its contents such as images, javascripts and stylesheets and so on. We will spot technical issues and fix them with the help of our web development experts.


With the new developments in google search algorithm, contents that have good quality and length gets ranked more than the other content pages for search results. Authoritative contents are weighed more. The duration for which the user stays in a page before exiting the website really matters. Only interesting and quality content can keep the visitors continue reading on the page. Our content writers will make sure interesting and quality content are created and published in regular intervals that will keep the visitors engaged.

Link Building

Difficult of all the tasks in SEO, finding related websites and promoting the the content at relevant places. We make sure that we put in enough research to find all the relevant places to share or outreach to get a link to the website including Social media & bookmarking websites, blogs with high authority.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This is something which you can’t avoid if you are doing online marketing. SEM has a potential to get a Return On Investment (ROI) rate of anywhere around 200% to 900% with Pay Per Click ads from Adwords. Yes, a highly optimized ad campaign and landing page can get returns as high as that.

Google PPC on search pages is competitive than before and the ads that are more relevant and has good Click Through Rate (CTR) gets promoted more and bidding also needs less amount in that case. Our SEM experts make sure of getting maximum click through with optimised Ads. We consider ROI as the ultimate KPI for SEM and works to generate maximum ROI.

Hire Lead Generation & Digital Marketing Agency

How to hire us?

You can choose either Lead generation or Digital marketing as service based on your need. Lead generation doesn’t need huge investment and you only have to pay for the generated leads. While Digital marketing as a service need a monthly recurring investment which will be worthy if you want to build your own brand online with lasting results.

Lead generation

Get highly targeted leads/prospect for your business from online. We target on getting leads from the inbound traffic which has a very high chance of converting into valued customers. The leads are generated through landing pages by making use of Search Engine Marketing (Google) and Search Engine Optimization for relevant domains and keywords in the targeted niche.

Tracking leads: Will be done by integrating our app into your existing CRM or by building CRM using HubSpot, Salesforce or similar software services for your company to track the leads generated and convert them easily.

Reporting: a status report on the lead generation and conversion will be send every two weeks.

Pricing: We offer this service on a pricing per lead based on the value calculated during the initial research. This works best if you are looking for leads only and don’t want to spend very high on doing digital marketing yourself.

Digital Marketing

Drive targeted inbound search traffic to your website landing pages with our digital marketing service. We offer Landing page Design (UX), Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization services as a custom package for your website and thus drive high quality traffic to your website’s landing pages.

This works best if you want to build online presence for your brand and have an authoritative website. Be found first when people come searching online for the related products and services in your industry. Thus building trust among visitors so they don’t have to think twice when choosing your products and services.

Reporting: there will be weekly status report on the tasks completed for that week, tasks planned for coming week and if any goals were met that week. A monthly report on the progress of the project and current status of the project will be send on every month end.

Pricing: We will be billing you on a monthly basis based on the competition for your targeted niche which is determined after the Market research.

User Experience

User Experience

Landing pages are where the magic happens which prompts the visitor to fill a form or buy a product showcased. This will happen only if they get a good user experience. Research done by our UX team to understand the user needs becomes the foundation for the design of the landing page.

The understanding of user needs and user behaviour help us to understand the important sections and their placements on the landing page. The concept will be demonstrated as wireframes and then the prototype which will mostly become the final Landing page design. The UX design just doesn’t stop there. The analytics data and user experiments data we get from the landing page will be analyzed and further changes will be done so as to optimize the conversion rate.

UI (User Interface) design team works along with the UX team to create a great design which complements the User Experience. We are working using the Bootstrap (UI framework) to create cool landing pages.

Conversion Rate Optimization


Once the Marketing is full fledged and we provide good User Experience, we focus on maximising Return On Investment (ROI) through the process of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) which will ensure that the traffic to the landing pages will be highly targeted so as to get maximum conversion whether it is form filling or buying a product. This also deals with the changes to landing pages so as to keep the visitors engaged and generate maximum leads.

Insight to the analytics like users age group, region, device, user flow. We will emerge the pattern which the converting visitors have in common. With this data analysed we will have a clear idea on the traffic to target and changes to be made to landing pages to keep the visitors engaged and finally convert them to leads who ends up being loyal customers.